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This is the first 24/7 streaming live video of wildlife in Indiana. It is located on our 40ac farm in se Indiana. You may see Deer, Coon, Muskrat, Beaver, mink, Rabbit, Squirrels and more birds than room to name. You never know what you will see next. There are presently 2 cams that I switch bettween. Cam 1 is in the woods and cam 2 is on a large creek and the most active. They are 24/7/365 color. When the site is compleated if there is such a thing. There will be 7-10 cameras including a pan tilt zoom camera (PTZ) to choose from to stream at the push of a buttion. I hope to add more bandwithe for another live stream by fall 2010. I hope you enjoy your stay and return often.

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