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Wildlife Cam Multi-Cam Viewer
The Wildlife Cam Multi-View control lets you do exactly what you would think. You can view your choice of Wildlife Cams on the same page, side by side, at the same time. You can build your own Multi-Cam view using the “Multi-Cam Setup” tab below. You can also choose from some pre-configured favorite views with the “Multi-Cam Favorites” tab. At any time when viewing the Multi-Cam Viewer you can “zoom in” on a cam by clicking on its name above the cam.

You can view as many Wildlife Cams as you want to. The only limitation is your bandwidth.
Multi-Cam Setup
Multi-Cam Favorites
Watch Multi-Cam
Check the box next to the cams you wish to view together, then select how many cams you want to see across (on a row together). Once you have done those two steps, click on the DISPLAY button. It is as simple as that.
    Cams Across:    

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