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Wildlife Cams
Ads has over 16 wildlife cameras on a public viewing site since Spring of 2004. Cameras are located in Georgia, Texas and Canada presently. We change camera selections based on what is out at any time. All cameras are streaming video but the public web site shows images collected every 10 seconds with updates.

All our cameras are remotely controllable. We use Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras and therefore have complete viewing control also. We often move them and change the zoom or complete view, depending on the wildlife at hand. Some even have 26x optical zoom for very long shots. Please watch enjoy!

We have whitetail deer, turkeys, the most over-weight raccoons in the world we think, and wild hogs, plus different species of birds and squirrels. Please enjoy our web site and visit often!

To watch your favorite hunting shows online and on demand whenever and wherever you want go to HuntIt.TV

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